Interview Preparation

Congratulations on your interview!  Please plan to arrive at the interview location 10 minutes prior to the start of your interview.

Recruiter feedback shows that Wake Forest students need to spend more time preparing for interviews.  So, before your interview, check out these tips to help you get ready:

  1. Your interviewer is going to ask you questions. Learn how to answer them by reviewing information on generalbehavioral and case interview questions. Make sure that you ask thoughtful questions of the interviewer.
  2. Keep in mind that, that although an interview is a way for you to gather information about an employer, you also need to be prepared to tell the recruiter how your education and skills will be a benefit to the organization and why you want this particular position.
  3. First impressions are important.  You can make a good first impression by dressing appropriately for the interview.
  4. We encourage you to either contact your career center (OPCD or CMC) to set up a mock interview or utilize Interview Stream, an online interview practice tool.

Know the employer! Here are some great tips to improve your knowledge, so you are prepared and well-informed on interview day:

  1. Do a Google News search for the latest updates on the company.
  2. Review the organization’s website to learn more about their products, services and brand names.
  3. Check LinkedIn to see if there are WFU alumni or other contacts who might be able to share information. Contact them and ask questions about their organization and experience.
  4. Know the closing stock price from the day before, if the company is publicly traded, and the name of the CEO.
  5. Know the organization’s annual revenue.

Finally, don’t forget to send the recruiter a thank you note.

Best wishes for a successful interview!