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Today’s employers are looking for tomorrow’s leaders. There is no better place to find them than on the campus of Wake Forest University.

Led by Mike Summers, Employer Relations is a campus-wide entity that pursues, develops, and strengthens existing and new relationships with employers, alumni, and parents with the ultimate goal of every Wake Forest student finding meaningful and relevant career opportunities.



On-Campus Recruiting and Retention | Career Fairs


Lisa Simmons

Associate Director 336.758.4485








Amy Bull

Assistant Director 336.758.4046








Dana Hutchens

Assistant Director 336.758.5246








Ben Loebner

Assistant Director 336.758.5014








Mallory Allred

Coordinator 336.758.2463









Employer Outreach and Development | City Treks


Lori Sykes

Associate Director 336.758.3850








Ashley Phipps

Assistant Director 336.758.4389








John Lovett

Associate Director 336.758.7379