Career Fair Organizations


We are pleased that you will be attending our career fair on Wednesday, September 17th to interact with Wake Forest students.  You can help us promote your organization by completing the information below.

Why should I complete the form?

Information that you include on the form will be available on our career fair app which students will be using before and during the event.  This information can attract students to your booth.  

About Wake Forest

Wake Forest is a unique source of talent with nearly 40 different majors, a faculty / student ratio of 11:1, a blend of an intimate liberal arts college with the resources of a top research university and ranked business school.

All current students in Wake Forest College, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, the Divinity School, and School of Business are eligible to attend the career fair.

What are students seeking in an employer?

Culture Your culture is very important. What is your organizational “DNA?” Does it appeal to their values?  Will they have opportunities to give back to the community?  Is your organization diverse? Is it socially / environmentally responsible?    

Future – Will you invest in furthering their education at some point in the future? What are some possible career paths?

Organizational FitHow will they fit in your organization? Will they be an integral part? Can they see themselves devoting time and energy to your organization? Will they be able to make an immediate impact?  Are there growth opportunities?  

Work / Life Balance – Students don’t see a clear delineation between work and life.  They want to get an idea of how the positions you offer will fit in their overall life and what a typical day on the job would be like. They also want  assurance that they will have peers with whom they can work and relate.